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Kamata International Patent Firm
1-950-13 Hasama-cho, Funabashi City, Chiba Pref. (Hasama Office)
Cell Phone:090-2709-3258 (Office Phone:047-409-5446)
Easily accessible from the center of Tokyo and Yokohama area.
Managing Director
Kazuhiro KamataKazuhiro Kamata, JPAA (Japan Patent Attorneys Association)
One of the most important goals of our firm is to maintain the optimum size and scale of our office in order to offer the best possible support and counsel to new clients regarding applications for patents and other intellectual property rights.
Main Bank
Bank of Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ
Our principal business purpose is to provide general support services related to the application for patents, utility models, trademarks, designs and other intellectual property rights, the proceedings for disputes including litigation rescinding a trial decision, and the execution of agreements.

We aim to maintain an appropriate scale of mobility to ensure flexible, high-quality customized services for each client.
The expansion of business, increase in transaction volumes and excessive pursuit of efficiency do not always enhance service quality or satisfy all customers.
Furthermore, it is very important to optimize the organizational scale for keeping strictly confidential highly-sensitive information, including conflict-related information, disclosed by clients.

We are a real professional who, with an excellent sense of balance, can not only act as an intermediary between the Patent Office, whose principal responsibility is to realize the common good and harmony, and private companies, intellectual property groups or inventors, whose main goal is to seek profits, but also render satisfactory services to clients at the same time.

With our vast expertise and experience, we find and propose the best solutions to you on a case-by-case basis.

In lawsuits or conflicts, we aggressively defend you and strive to maximize your benefits.

We believe that when applying for a patent it is absolutely necessary to seek the help of a patent attorney with excellent ‘documentation skills’ beyond mere language skills. Documentation skills literally mean the skills with which to document the specifications and drawings of an invention based on thorough discussion with the inventor and on a full understanding of information presented.

Your invention will be known to many of those skilled in the art through the Patent Gazette. In the event any dispute arises relating to your patent, judges, lawyers, patent attorneys, technical specialists of the opposing party and many other people concerned will read with great attention every word of your patent specification.

f If you are to protect and effectively enforce your IP right in the future, it is of great significance during the application process to prepare a clear and understandable patent specification by avoiding misleading or complicated phrases or sentences, so that even lawyers without scientific background will comprehend it (excluding highly technical information).

In addition, specifications must be so clearly and precisely worded that they will be translated correctly into other languages. (Actually, most translators are neither patent attorneys nor technical specialists.)

We, as experts in technical documents, continue to endeavor to develop our documentation skills to an even higher level.
It has been often pointed out that the preparation of patent specifications requires‘the skill of craftsmen’.
This remains essentially true even in the current age of office automation.

Unlike mass-produced products, each specification must be carefully prepared through interviews with the inventors and the IP department of the company, and the completed specification is often compared to a masterpiece handmade by an ‘artisan’.
Therefore, no large-scale firms can reduce their costs based on mass production.

When filing patent applications derived from the same original invention on a continual basis, you can expect solutions that are cumulative as well as effective and efficient, only if you can outsource services for such applications from the same attorney or specialist.
In this regard, you can count on Kamata International Patent Firm. Unlike large patent offices, where inefficiencies occur comparatively often due to frequent changes in work shifts, we ensure that the same personnel will support you through a series of patent applications. In the long run, effectiveness and efficiency are the most important factors in enhancing service quality and reducing costs.

The Managing Director Kamata, CPA, has established the framework for achieving the best prices for clients by greatly reducing the costs and for providing high-quality services by concentrating on ‘the skills of craftsmen’. Contrary to large patent firms, we minimize the size and scale of our office to reduce the human resources management costs (for managers, general affairs personnel, secretaries, etc.), and save the expenses for company trips, overseas training or education and other miscellaneous purposes, thus offering the lowest possible prices to clients.
We have also saved the initial costs for establishing our firm. Particularly, we save the office running costs (office rent, common service charges, etc.) usually amounting to several hundred to several million yen per month in order to offer special opening prices to dear new clients for the longest possible period.
Therefore, we can set the reasonable price and respond to requests according to your budget. Feel free to contact us any time, and leave everything to us.

I hereby would like to touch on the recent trend of agents’ participation in brainstorming sessions at the early stage of development.
Frankly speaking, I do not think that these agents provide any added values to clients.
They are not your exclusive agents, nor are they your employees. Soon after they participate in your brainstorming, they will probably take part in a session held by another client. This is particularly true with agents from large international patent firms.

There are no problems if in brainstorming sessions agents are requested to just coordinate or confirm the development of knowledge or to set proper guidelines for acquisition of rights. However, if in the sessions agents are required to aggressively suggest outputs that contribute to inventions, the outputs based on the same brain (the same agent) might be disclosed to third party clients during the same period.

It may be important to rely on agents for their high-level expertise and useful insights, but since external agents including so-called ‘technical advisers’ and ‘technical consultants’ provide the same kinds of services to your competitive companies on a regular basis, you need to consider the risk of conflicts and other problems when allowing these agents to participate in your brainstorming sessions.

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